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Welcome to the alsim CLOUD! We are an online platform for leading CFD simulations and pre-processing of meshes – powered by ESS.

about alsim CLOUD

The alsim CLOUD offers cloud based CFD simulations, Geometry and Mesh pre-processing for everybody. Gain access to either free applications or ones that are based on the pay-per-use principle. And the best part: No prior CFD/CAE expertise is required.

We have designed our applications with utmost care for usability and accuracy, which allow them to be used by anyone and for the most complex processes.

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alsim Platform

The alsim Platform is the overarching network that contains and connects all applications from ESS. Whether you are looking for automatic mesh preparation, automotive paint shop simulations or solutions for the oil & gas industry; we’ve got you covered – far beyond that.

At its launch, the alsim CLOUD is offering “alsim Data Cleaning Repair”. A powerful tool to carry out various repairing and modification activities.
More applications are already under development and will be revealed as soon as a release is near.

alsim Data Cleaning Repair version provides Autonomous Repair or Healing of STL's, Decimate/Defeature, Closing of holes, Open/Import & visualize all the CAD file formats, Visualization of Face normal, Open & Non-manifold edges, Automatic geometry clean-up based on file size and file name, Extract material information(METADATA) from the CAD file, Scaling of STL’s, Get Mesh information(Number of points, edges and triangles), Extract CAD assembly structure & information and Convert ASCII STL to Binary STL & vice versa


Repair broken parts of your mesh to ensure a valid outcome


Create a more efficient and smoother mesh


Merge different parts of the mesh to become one object


Defeature your mesh

about ESS

ESS is a producer of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software and a specialist in automating the pre-processing step of meshing.

Our headquarters is located in Steyr, Austria, where over 40 employees from nearly 20 different nations work tirelessly on the future of simulation. In addition, we also have offices in Poland and India.

Optimization of manufacturing processes through virtualization is the only efficient way forward to cut-down on energy-consumptions and CO2 emissions. Our solutions enable everyone to achieve full control of their complex processes at an unbeatable quickness and accuracy, without CFD expertise.

Since the beginning of ESS in 2015, we always have been deeply intertwined with the automotive industry and major players in the market, such as Audi, BMW, Daimler and many more.

The experience and the technical insight we gathered while working with these OEMs enabled us to build the wide range of applications we offer today.